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Scrumptious Street Food

Saturday’s street food block-party at Folsom Street was a gastronomic treat!  It was the San Francisco Street Food Festival, a day-long block-party of local foodies celebrating great street food from the city’s vibrant community of food entrepreneurs and renowned chefs.

From savory to sweet, it was street food at its finest.  My favorite was Aziza’s Moroccan “taco,” a flatbread with harissa and braised beef cheeks.

Aziza's Moroccan Tacos

It has an amazing spicy kick that makes it perfect with Aziza’s refreshing sweet mint tea.  It was so amazing that the queue for the tacos was hour-long but was well worth it.

Dennis’ favorite was Absinthe’s Jamie’s famous hot dogs.  Jamie is Top Chef Jaime Lauren, Absinthe’s executive chef, who was at the event serving her hot dogs.  I typically do not like sauerkraut but I loved the sauerkraut on this perfect hot dog.  It was sweet and scrumptious.

And a street food frenzy will not be complete without my ultimate sweet street food favorite: funnel cakes!

Endless Summer Sweets' Funnel cake

I cannot begin to describe how a funnel cake dusted with powdery sugar makes me so happy.  And Endless Summer Sweets goes even further by topping it with fresh sweet strawberries and cream.  This is what good life is all about.

Other noteworthy bites were Kasa’s Kati Roll, a flaky buttery roti wrapped around charbroiled chicken and Poleng Lounge’s Vietnamese style BBQ oysters. Check out my Flickr page for more photos.

The San Francisco Street Food Festival benefits La Cocina, the city’s incubator kitchen that provides commercial kitchen space as well as technical and marketing resources to budding local food entrepreneurs.  To learn more about La Cocina follow this link.

San Francisco Street Food Festival

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